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'Casey at the Cups'

An original routine; submitted for regional close-up magic competition

 (Trading Cards/Casey at the Cups)

Trading Cards/Casey at the Cups (VIDEOCLICK)

Ring 43 Webmaster

Barett is the official webmaster of the International Brotherhood of Magicians' Chicago Chapter

Holiday Magic

Ring 43 Holiday Party Highlights

In addition to special holiday shows, Barrett is also the designer and stage mngr: IBM's annual holiday party.

'Are You Really Magical?'

'Are you really magical?'

Turning children into magic rabbits (Children's birthday party)

"Are you really magical?" (VIDEOCLICK)

Original Story: Blisty, the Magic Christmas Ornament

'He would hang on the tree, say dont look at me, because I might 

fall down one day.'

The Story of Blisty the Magic Christmas Ornament (PDF CLICK)

Jason Hamilton Magic

Jason Hamilton Magic

Barrett designed and launched fellow magician Jason Hamilton's professional website and social media network